Ask Me Anything: Is it ok to worry about med-school debt?


thecraftypremed asked:

Hiya Dr. Cranquis!

One of the things I’m concerned about going into the medical profession is the amount of debt I’d be going into. I know money shouldn’t be of concern if I’m going into a career that I want to be in, but I also don’t want to be in a financial mess. How do you manage to pay off student loans while getting on with your life (having a Cranq-family & all that jazz)? 

EXCELLENT question - I’m going to start off by pointing you to me #financial aid tag, which contains quite a few prior replies/posts about this very question.

However, I also want to specifically address a misconception I detected in your question: “If you’re going into a career which you enjoy, and/or which is primarily focused on helping others, then it’s uncouth/impolite/a sign of weakness to express concern about the financial debt which that career entails, right?”


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